This studio asks the question—how does exclusion happen? This is a counter-intuitive question. Instead of asking how we can include, our studio investigates exclusion in its various forms. We understand the act of exclusion as the product of the apparatuses and mechanisms that have shaped our public and private realms: gates, walls, infrastructure, zoning and land use laws, finance, residential design, information aesthetics, among others.


The acts of exclusion and inclusion cannot be distilled down to mere design moves. Design is but one part of this script. Regulations, laws, policies, political and economic histories, and social norms

are the other elements, which are intrinsic to planning, design and policy.


Our studio will examine exclusion through research, design, and drawing. The central part of the studio will be our design interventions on a small part of the Eastern Waterfront in Mumbai. In the

absence of site visits, we will unpack our site through reports, studies, lectures, data, and photographs. The site presents several constraints and opportunities that will allow for a multiplicity of responses. The intent of the studio will be to unpack exclusion as part of the structures of power and judgment that frame our decisions as designers and planners.