We are a Level III Urban Design Studio at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. The studio has a mix of fourth year and fifth year students.

We were 11 students in all.

The tutor, Deepa Ramaswamy is an architect and urban historian who works on issues of land, legality and territoriality. The premise of the studio emerged from her own research on regulatory structures in the Indian and US context when she realized that there is so much rhetoric on inclusion, but so little research on the mechanics of the act of exclusion. 


Deepa has degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Architectural Association (AA) among others. Deepa was the Presidential Fellow at MIT, and has received research grants from the Rockefeller Archive Center, Getty Research Institute, Canadian Center of Architecture and the Hyzen and Schlossman fellowships from MIT.  Before getting her PhD from MIT,  Deepa was a practising architect for over 8 years in Mumbai and Chicago. 


Deepa has two ongoing book projects. "Transactional Terrains," which traces the urban history of of the privatization of the public realm in postwar New York City; and "Governing Coasts and Investment Regimes" that examines the territorialization of coastal areas in urban India through acts of reclamation, regulatory jugglery, and modernist narratives of infrastructure. 

The teaching assistant, Riddhi Varma, is a recently graduated architect from CEPT University. She has a keen interest in urban governance and contemporary history. Her final thesis project documented the effect of urban policies on micro spatial practices. 

In the past, Riddhi has worked with Urbz in Mumbai and Tiago Do Vale Architects in Portugal. 


Currently, she is developing her own research on exclusion in Mumbai with a focus on policy and participation. 


Anjali Rathod | Dhwani Doshi | George Verghese | Hetvee Panchal | Kelly Shah | Raghav Kohli

Vidisha Sahay | Sharanya Pisharody | Shriya Dhir | Vidisha Dhar | Vishesh Mahnot